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Executive Leadership

Kate Brewer

Kate Brewer, PT, MBA

Kate Brewer, PT, MBA is the President and Owner of Greenfield Rehabilitation Agency and its pediatric division: Rehab Resources. Kate joined Greenfield Rehabilitation in 2004 where her leadership bolstered the expansion of its services and geographical impact. Kate’s entrepreneurial spirit continues to help evolve Greenfield into the exceptional therapy provider it is today. Her passion for outstanding performance continues to drive consistent delivery of optimal therapy outcomes and strong partnerships all over Wisconsin.

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Michelle Poole, OTR

Michelle Poole, OTR is an owner and Executive Vice President for Rehab Resources. She has been with our aging adult care division, Greenfield Rehab Agency, since 1991. Mrs. Poole is a Mount Mary College graduate with a Baccalaureate degree in Occupational Therapy. Michelle leads the human resources team in Rehab Resources.